How to reset mcafee antivirus in windows 8



Mcafee antivirus is basically one of the antivirus that is highly admired by the users since it provide you the best security features that makes you sure about the safety of your device as well as your important stuff that resides in those devices. So it is really important to know what is more important for thing for your device. In case you have the mcafee installed in your device but you feel that it needs to be reset then you need not have to panic about this situation, you can simply follow the steps that are mentioned below:-

for this you have to first of all click on the windows start button.

After that you have to go to the control panel.

Followed by clicking on the uninstall a program under the programs tab.

You will be able to see this option if you are using the default view.

After that you have to click on the programs and features.

Then it is the time to right click on the version of the mcafee antivirus.

Followed by selecting the change option.

Now once the display appears in to the set up of the antivirus, then you have to click on the repair option.

After that you have to simply wait for the time when the process of the rest gets complete.

Once it is done then you have to simply use the reset version of the mcafee antivirus. Now just in case you feel that you are not able to follow the above steps properly then you can simply contact the mcafee antivirus customer service.

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