How to reset cisco router password in packet tracer

The individual working on a physical router can reset Cisco router password simply by turning the power off and then turning power on the router. Then with the help of the Cisco technical support, the user can press the ctrl+break keys to interrupt the router’s booting process and this will allow entering into the ROMMON mode.

In a situation, if the individual is using a simulated environment such as Cisco Packet Tracer then he or she needs to double-click the router to open its properties dialog box and then perform the following tasks quickly.

· Click the Physical tab

· Then click the power off button and then again click the power on button

· Click the CLI tab and press the ctrl+break keys to interrupt the router’s booting process

· Then the user can see the rommon 1 > prompt and type the following commands

o Rommon 1 >confreg 0x2142

o Rommon 1 >reset

· This is reboot the router and the System Configuration Dialog will be displayed

· Then he or she needs to type No

· And then press Enter to skip the initial router configuration

· And verify that the User EXEC (Router>) mode is displayed without prompting any password

It happens because of the 0x2142 configuration register value that enforces a router to bypasses the startup configuration.

If you have face any technical errors or issues in the cisco router just contact the our cisco router technical support number experts for help.

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